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J-Heat's Music Bio

With a torrent of rhymes and brilliant meaningful word combination's J-Heat expresses his thoughts and life experiences on the microphone. Integrity with a solid foundation mixed with exceptional use of words and rhythm separates J-Heat from the rest of today's more well known rap artists and gains the ears of the streets, hip hop and mainstream music fans.

J-Heat is an 80's baby born in Buffalo, NY. His love for the art came in 1998 when he got a hold of his first instrumental CD. “It began with freestyling” he says. “I really didn't even know what rap was I just heard the beat and tried to imitate the original song but with my own words. I liked it and I just kept practicing.”  At the time J-Heat was a student at McKinley High school. "All I did was listen to music and write!” J-Heat got suspended numerous times and was forced to leave that school and many others but Lafayette is where he met what would later be known as Flawless Crime.

This is where he began to really focus in on sharpening his skills as an emcee. “We made each other better” he says. “I looked at us like the Dream Team of rap, each of us different but viscous at what we do”. Since then J-Heat has performed at numerous venues throughout the U.S, performed for major artists, been featured on dozens of other artists projects including songs, mixtapes and albums and won a few local awards. J-Heat expresses his hate for the music business but his love for the art by saying “I am very opened to working with other artists... as long as we can relate to each other. I don’t do songs with Rick Ross or Lil Wayne type rappers shit like that is for business I don’t mix business with love and I love what I do(rap) but other than that it doesn't matter to me what genre or style my door is always open for collabs.”  

J-Heat is currently working on his album “Honor, Respect & Loyalty" which is scheduled for release on August 14th 2013 which will come with a DVD/Blu-Ray entitled the same.

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"Honor Respect & Loyalty" UPDATES

All the info for the Honor Respect & Loyalty Project will be posted here. Check back for updates!

Current Track Listing
(No specific order)

Goal is 25 tracks
1. Alpha & Omega
2. Gettin That Paper
3. Billion Stars
4. Bring'em To They Knees
5. World Pain
6. What's Wrong is Right
7. Enter The Mind
8. Intro
9. My Nigga
10. Never Give Up
11. Get The Propane Tanks
12. Make Sure My Family's Straight
13. Where All The Thugs?
14. You Can't Deny Me
15. Get The Propane Tanks

Cover Art (Coming Soon)

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Grandma I Miss You (Honor Respect & Loyalty) Click to download Grandma I Miss You for FREE

Aye Grams Im sad but glad you passed with ease
alast at least now you get to rest in peace
no more pain no more rain n the sun is out
you’re shine’n down on us now cuz you’re above the clouds
this wasn’t how I expected it to be
thought you’d have one more lesson to teach
one more blessing to preach
if I ever could reach these damn stars you was suppose to be there
I reserved a seat there for you but I know you’re at peace where
you’re at now I sat down n thought about
all the things we used to talk about
the best of you i brought it out
as you did me but as u can see i lost it now
I walk around pacing with my face in an awkward frown
a symbol of a heart broken its hard cope’n
so I try to keep my mind busy or start joken
but reality sets n then it hits me...
I realize you’re no longer with me
sickly is how i feel pinch me is this real?
Yes? No? maybe? I guess so
Its just gonna be hard for me to let go.....

Hook 2x
Grandma I miss ya swear never ta forget ya
When times get bitter I just grab your picture
and think of your unmatched love
and what i wouldn’t give for one last hug

Twelve fifteen a date forever known
in my life as the most devastating blow
that no-one will ever know cuz I aint the talkin type
But I talked to you and listened to your advice on this walk of life
I said F**k the world and you agreed
but you said “after you let it out sit down n breathe
Strap up your boots keep marchin till you succeed
n when you do right by your side is where i’ll be”
words of wisdom I take heed to while this earth is spinnin
but now success is sorta just the curse of winnin
cuz everyday I succeed
look to my side then i sigh cuz your not here physically
but thats life testin me
I know I don’t have to look in the sky when you’re standin right here next to me
in my heart you’ll forever be
Grandma I miss ya rest in peace

Hook 2x
Grandma I miss ya swear never ta forget ya
When times get bitter I just grab your picture
and think of your unmatched love
and what i wouldn’t give for one last hug