Flawless Crime

Rashen Watson from Buffalo Ny. Raised in Downtown Buffalo New York;born JAnuary 31st 1984. The Shade started rapping at the age of 15 inspired by his older cousin the late Robert Bailey. Rashen aka Shade survived the rough streets of Buffalo's inner city Later to go and fight in the streets of Iraq with the United States Army highly decorated unit A-Trp 3-7 Cav; serving for a 15 Month Deployment as a 19D Cavalry Scout Recon Trooper. Upon return to Buffalo NY from the service The Shade linked up with childhood friends,J-Heat, Nuk, L0v3 Flawless and a host of others affiliated. Resuming his role as Flawless Strong Safety; Fully seasoned and charged by Pain

Flawless Crime brings You "The Shade Flawless Representative"

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